JSD Acupressure


Acupressure is an ancient healing art used to restore and balance the subtle energy called Qi that governs all the functions in our bodies, including physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of our beings. 

Acupressure Therapy Treatments:

This hands-on modality uses gentle yet deep-reaching direct finger pressure on acu-points to release tension, reduce pain, increase self-awareness and re-establish energetic balance. IAT is a fusion of massage, energy work and essential oils.

Promote health and well-being by balancing the energy flow within the body. This unique acupressure method works with Strange Flows to open these special meridians (energy pathways), rebalancing the energy flowing between all meridians. Each session is designed specifically for the individual and is effective for stress reduction, pain management and health promotion.

Jin Shin Do means ‘the way of the compassionate spirit’.  It is a unique synthesis of traditional Japanese finger pressure techniques, Taoist philosophy, 5 Element theory, QiGong breath work and principles of western psychotherapy including Reichian segmental theory.   This clothes-on treatment helps relieve stress and trauma related problems.