Aroma Spa Therapy

What is Aroma Spa Therapy?

Aroma Spa Therapy is the integration of aromatherapy, the therapeutic use of essential oils, with hydrotherapy, the therapeutic use of water. Aroma Spa treatments are a great start to any of the massage & bodywork treatments, as well as wonderfully relaxing when experienced on their own. Aroma Spa Therapy can assist you in overcoming the effects of stress in your life.

Aroma Spa Therapy Treatments:

This European technique involves the use of water in various treatments, to relax muscle spasm, improve circulation and decrease pain. Kneipp hydrotherapy may be experienced as a stand-alone treatment or as a pre-treatment to massage and bodywork.

Wet Socks Treatment with Aromatic Foot Massage

A unique treatment that layers wet and dry socks to encourage the body’s natural response and stimulate the metabolism. Enjoy renewal while you relax with an aromatic reflex foot massage.

Dry Brush Massage

Learn to enhance your skin, circulatory & nervous systems using a natural bristle brush. Give your skin a healthy workout followed by a hydrating massage with a blend of essential oils. Dry brush massage leaves your skin feeling alive and revitalized.

Abdominal Wash with Aroma Massage

An excellent treatment to balance digestive function, ease menstrual tensions and promote healthy sleep patterns. This Kneipp therapy leaves you feeling deeply refreshed and ready to go!

Healing Face Therapy at Nightingales is a great way to soothe your day- to-day stress while revitalizing your skin.  Nightingales facials include a soothing head, neck and shoulder massage. There are no extractions with our facials.

Intensive Eye Treatment

Using the highest quality organic ingredients, this exquisite facial treatment focuses on the delicate eye areas that are most vulnerable to stress and the environment. Specialized facial massage smoothes fine lines and helps relax both mind and body.

Ayurveda Facial Massage

Revitalize your skin and spirit with an Ayurveda inspired massage using Bindi oils that leave your skin glowing, toned and smooth.

Flower Essence Hair & Scalp Treatment

Pure flower hydrosols, gently massaged into the scalp and hair, help to relax the mind, invigorate the flow of blood and leave your hair shiny.  A scalp massage combined with the gentle effect of cranio-sacral therapy.

Acu-point Sinus Treatment

Aromatic compresses, essential oil facial massage and acu-point release for sinus and eyes makes this a revitalizing treatment for allergies and facial congestion.

Radiance Facial

This revitalizing aroma spa facial treatment cleanses and hydrates your skin while helping to relax facial stress and tension. Great for all skin types, this treatment brings about a radiant glow for women and men alike.

Seaweed Antioxidant Facial Treatment

Our oxygenating & nourishing seaweed facial uses seaweeds and marine extracts to restore moisture and minerals to skin that is depleted. Enjoy a hand and foot massage and face the day with renewed vitality.

Acupressure Facial Release

Experience this 12-step acupressure facial release to reduce stress and facilitate relaxation throughout the entire body. This natural face-lift is a great treatment for men and women to connect to their inner and outer beauty! Warning: you may find yourself looking ten years younger!

Rejuvenating Facial Massage

A great facial choice for those with sensitive skin and allergies! This wonderful facial incorporates a full body integrated approach that combines reflexology, acupressure, Ayurveda massage, Indian head massage and lymphatic drainage. A winning combination that reduces lines and dark circles under the eyes and leaves your face aglow!

Nourishing Seaweed Hand Wrap

This customized hand treatment includes cleansing, exfoliating & application of a nutrient-rich seaweed mask. Warmed towels and a deeply relaxing hand massage complete this treatment aimed at enhancing skin vitality.