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Qigong Studio

Breath, Meditation, Movement

QiGong is an easy-to-follow combination of controlled breathing, focused concentration, and simple movement. QiGong exercises combat stress, reduce tension and increase the flow of energy through your body. When it flows free, Qi (energy) heals and restores the body, thereby preventing disease while increasing fitness and relaxation. QiGong is the art of cultivating energy for health & vitality.

Many centuries older than Tai Chi – Qigong (pronounced Chee Gung) is sometimes referred to as a moving meditation or Chinese Yoga. This ancient Chinese art does not involve a choreographed sequence and is generally performed standing, sitting or lying in one place (Yin Yoga).

The QiGong tradition is over 5,000 years old, dating back before acupuncture and martial arts. QiGong is a practice of cultivation to build and maintain your energy storehouse and ensure the free circulation of Qi, through the meridians, to all the cells in the body.

Benefits of QiGong Exercises

  • Through concentration and relaxation techniques, QiGong can act as an emotional stabilizer for conditions such as depression & anxiety
  • Increased circulation of blood and lymph through movement
  • Increased depth of breathing and decreased breathing rate
  • Balancing effect on blood pressure
  • Decrease hormones released by the adrenals in response to stress
  • Strengthen the immune system through stimulating white blood cells in the blood
  • Loosen and strengthen joints and muscles


QiGong prescription exercises are good for all levels of fitness and ability. We will start with basic forms, get to know them well, and progress at your own pace. It’s better to do a little every day as it takes time and persistence to open up your meridians and encourage Qi flow. You can expect to feel more energetic and healthy as well as see your memory and concentration improve, and your sleep become deeper and more restful.

Turn off your cell phone, go to the washroom before class, wear loose clothing, take off watches and dangling jewelry, and eat at least one hour before doing QiGong. Bring water and a Yoga mat to class.

Calm yourself. Bring your mind and your body to the exercise. Enter a place of peace and quiet inside yourself. Welcome to Medical Qigong – Promoting Health through Breath, Meditation, and Movement!

Medical Qigong Classes In Prince Edward County:

This Dao Yin practice is a fusion of body-mind-spirit, emotions and energy. Strengthen intention and the mind by relaxing, centering, grounding and rooting yourself in relation to your internal and external environment!

Experience an energy rush as you learn key pressure points, breathing techniques and meridian massage that activates your qi – it’s easy & fun!

Regulate yin & yang in the whole body, tonify and strengthen Qi while calming your mind through cleansing & balanced breath patterns!

Cleanse and tonify the Yang and Yin Organ Meridians with visualizations, colour and sound!

Learn how to use QiGong to ease symptoms of arthritis and digestive disorders such as IBS using breath, meditation and movement to cleanse and open joints and to balance the three burners!

Learn how to use QiGong to promote memory, energy and to strengthen your bones! Tuesdays 3:30 – 4:30 pm or Saturdays 9:30-10;30 am, starting January 30th, 5 weeks for $75.

Experience dynamic qigong movement with stillness practice and meditation with a focus to building internal energy! Fridays 9:30 – 10:30 am, starting January 19th, 8 weeks for $104.

Cancellation Policy24 hours notice is required in order to avoid charges. Missed classes can be made up, depending on available space or can be applied to a one to one session.

If you want to be healthy and live to 100, practice Qigong.

- Dr. Oz
<cite> - Dr. Oz </cite>