Eastern Therapy

Medical Qigong

 Since 2007, Arlene has been teaching weekly Qigong classes, in addition to, Chinese Medical Qigong Training programs and providing Medical Qigong Therapy on a one-to-one basis.  Arlene is an approved teacher of the IIMQ curriculum.

Arlene is a concise, supportive teacher. She patiently meets you where you are at along your individual journey to becoming a Medical Qigong Practitioner. I highly recommend her unique ability to guide and empower. The information I learned in Arlene’s course has completely prepared me to teach Medical Qigong. The knowledge I’ve gained will complement my current practice. It has given me new perspective, and additional tools I can use when helping people realize how breath, posture and mental focus can positively affect their health.
- C. Maloney, Pilates Instructor
<cite> - C. Maloney, Pilates Instructor </cite>

Eastern Therapy Treatments:

Akabane is an ancient Japanese technique used to assess the balance and function of the meridians. Special incense is used to warm the jing points on your hands & feet, to treat energetic imbalances while allowing you to deeply relax. This treatment includes an acu-point release and hand & foot massage.
This ancient art of moxibustion (moxa) activates your energy centre through your abdomen, warming & nourishing you from the inside out! Balance your meridians through the power of fire combined with a deeply relaxing acu-point release massage. Effective for: sciatica, menstrual issues, chronic conditions, fatigue and immune issues.
Acting like needle-less acupuncture, heated cups are applied to acu-points on the skin’s surface, creating a vacuum and drawing up the underlying tissues in order to warm and move Qi and blood congestion. Cupping is effective for muscle and joint pain, arthritis, headaches, and menstrual issues.
Like cupping, only a Chinese porcelan spoon is used to stimulate Qi and blood circulation along the meridians. Chinese linament oils create heat to the acu-points, followed by stroking the surface of the skin to release stagnation. An effective technique for muscle pain and for early onset of the common cold.
This traditional Korean technique combines the simplicity of reflexology with the sophistication of 3000 years of oriental acupuncture. By using the hands as a map to the body, acu-points are stimulated with manual pressure point release to encourage balance in the body’s systems.
Take time to reflect on your patterns of living and make a commitment to a healthier you. We will look at your current pattern of eating, your constitutional type and your goals to determine what adjustments would benefit your lifestyle. Create a 5 Element wellness plan and embrace food as the new medicine!
This system of hands-on therapy and prescription exercises utilizes breath, mental concentration and energy work to clear congested areas of the body, move Qi and replenish energy reserves. Excellent for: combating stress, preventing disease, and promoting health, fitness and relaxation. Qigong is the art of cultivating energy for health and vitality!