Massage Therapy

5 elementsMassage Therapy is hands-on healthcare - experience the healing power of touch. Massage Therapy directly affects the muscular, nervous & circulatory systems of the body and is effective in the treatment of many health conditions and as a preventative strategy to reduce stress and promote wellness.

At Nightingales Therapeutic Spa, all Massage Therapy treatments are provided by Massage Therapists, registered by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and are members of the Ontario Massage Therapists Association. Our dedicated team of professional massage therapists provides a blend of techniques enhanced by their many years of post-graduate studies and personalized for your needs.

Healing Massage Therapy at Nightingales includes an integration of many modalities:

Swedish Massage - the roots of massage therapy, from China via Sweden, combines long flowing even strokes with specific deeper trigger points & stretching to inspire a new sense of calm. Massage therapy eases muscle tension and is designed to promote circulation & help create a sense of relaxation.

30 minutes $50
45 minutes $70
60 minutes $85

Acussage - this hands-on modality uses gentle direct pressure on acu-points in combination with flowing massage movements to release tension, reduce pain, increase self-awareness and re-establish energetic balance.

A fusion of therapeutic massage with a jin shin do acupressure segmental release (chest-abdomen-pelvis). Explore the body's main armoring system through a look at the various segmental holding patterns as well as physical and emotional blocks. Effective with issues involving: respiration circulation/ anxiety; digestion/ assimilation/ anger; elimination/ sexual organs/ relationships.

60 minutes $85

Deep Tissue Release - designed to invigorate & rejuvenate your body after sports, exercise & the stresses of daily living. This therapeutic massage is customized to focus on your key areas of tension while you breathe deep into the tension and maintain muscle relaxation in order to access a deep tissue release. Deep tissue release combines acupressure release, passive stretching and rocking techniques that assist the body in letting go...

60 minutes $85

Cranio-sacral Therapy - involves all the bones of the skull, face and mouth and extends to the sacrum at the base of the spine. Through gentle palpations, the function of the central nervous system is improved by balancing the fluids and membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord. Using gentle non-invasive manipulation of the skull and sacrum, this therapy alleviates annoying symptoms and assists the body towards self-correction. Cranio-sacral Therapy is particularly useful for treatment of neurological dysfunction, back pain, headaches, dyslexia, jaw problems, depression, chronic pain and hyperactivity.

60 minutes $85

Hot Stone Massage Therapy - Earth, air, fire & water elements are blended as you experience the silky texture of smooth stones that release soothing heat that penetrates deeply to relieve tension and provide complete relaxation for body, mind and spirit. Warm stones are strategically placed on the body and used to provide a grounding therapeutic massage.
Add hot stones to any massage therapy treatment for an additional $15

Aroma Massage Therapy - experience the relaxing & therapeutic benefit of aromatherapy using organic distilled pure essential oils. This revitalizing massage focuses on lymphatic drainage and spinal stroking techniques to calm the nervous system. Essential oils are customized and selected based on your health history and treatment goals.
Add pure essential oils to any massage therapy treatment for an additional $5

Pregnancy Massage - using a specially designed body cushion, you are totally supported while lying on your stomach, without causing any pressure to the foetus. This full body massage focuses on relieving stress and tension in the lower back, hips, and legs as well as a soothing massage to the abdominal muscles and ligaments.

60 minutes $85

Abdominal Massage - A specific massage treatment that helps relax digestive and menstrual tensions . Lymph drainage techniques, along with breath work, are used to promote respiration and a sense of well-being. Gentle holding to the energy centres of the body, completes this meditative experience.

30 minutes $50

Kneipp Hydrotherapy

treatment roomThis European technique involves the use of water in various treatments, to relax muscle spasm, improve circulation and decrease pain. All water therapies are followed by a drink of spring water or herbal tea and a fifteen minute wrap'n rest . Kneipp water therapies can be used separately or a pre-treatments to massage and bodywork. Choose from:

Wet Socks Treatment with Aromatic Foot Massage - This unique treatment layers wet and dry socks to encourage the body's natural response and stimulate the metabolism. Enjoy an herbal cleansing tea while you relax with an aromatic reflex foot massage.

Dry Brush Massage - The best gift you can give your skin, circulatory & nervous system! Using a natural bristle brush, the therapist gives your skin a healthy workout followed by a hydrating massage with cleansing essential oils such as juniper, fennel & lemon. Dry brush massage leaves your skin feeling alive and revitalized.

Abdominal Wash with Aromatic Massage - An excellent treatment to balance digestive function, ease menstrual tensions and promote healthy sleep patterns. This Kneipp therapy leaves you feeling deeply refreshed and ready to go!

30 minutes $60

Remedial Exercise Program - homecare at it's best! We will create a Personal Fitness Routine which may include Qigong, yoga, Pilates, body ball, and stretch & strengthen exercises, to enhance your massage therapy sessions and boost your level of wellness.

Add remedial exercise program to any massage therapy treatment for an additional $15